Malaysians are idiots!

This is not my posting, so sorry for being so busy preparing for Hari Raya Celebration. My angel and the kids are very much excited baking cookies and cakes. So much of the other tasks is put upon me. It has been that way since the kids are old enough too do some baking themselves.

Below is an article that I stumble upon a couple of month ago, but carelessly i have forgot where from. So whoever wrote this.. please forgive me for publishing the article without consent. Your article is very good and synical!:

Malaysians are bunch of idiots. When the government raised the fuel price, the whole country made a big noise. We must understand that fuel price will go up whenever there is a rising costs of producing and selling petroleum in the world. Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has done the best for the country. After all he is the leader of the country. He received a majority vote in Kepala Batas. He knows what is best for the people. He is right in comparing fuel price in Malaysia with Singapore and Thailand. Both countries are not oil producers. Singapore and Thailand just buying while service cost in oil producing countries is increasing.

So, fuel price in Malaysia should be raised. Regarding salary in Singapore, toilet cleaner there earns RM2500.00 per month. In Malaysia, only PTD officers and professionals earn that much. Please ask people in Permatang Manggis, Tasik Gelugor and Kepala Batas. What? Some Malaysians have never been to Singapore. They do not know? Never mind. We shall wait for Reezal Merican’s ‘visit and learning’ trip. This is AMNO and BN leaders’ smart way of running the country. Malaysians are not that smart anyway. Cuti-Cuti Malaysia (Holidaying in Malaysia – Tourism Malaysia commercial tagline) also hardly materialised. Malaysian leaders already traveled around the world. They know very well what is best for us.

One third of a person’s salary in Britain is enough to buy a computer. While here in Malaysia, most Malaysians need three months salary to buy a computer. Malaysians are clueless, what they know?? Malaysia’s per capita income is lower than Singapore or Hong Kong. To our current leaders, in this aspect anything lower is definitely better. If examples or comparisons need to be done among countries, it is such waste not to emulate ways and ingenuity of Malaysian leaders. From Bukit Kayu Hitam to Kuala Lumpur, the toll rate is RM60.00 one way. From Danok Thailand to Pengkalan Kubor, Kelantan users can travel along the highway for free. This should not be taken as example. Thailand leaders are not efficient in managing their public transportation. Highway projects in Malaysia are under whose control? Yes, our leaders and their cronies. For sure they must make more profits. Who else but them that crack their head and use their brain for the good of hebetudinous Malaysians? In Singapore, they have a very efficient and extensive public transportation network. In Malaysia, RM4 billion allocations have been set aside for the purpose of upgrading the public transportation and the money still being kept. This is the brilliance of Abdullah and his efficient cabinet.

In Thailand, only one time payment needed for driving license. In Malaysia, we need to pay every year for our driving license. Isn’t it great, our government knows how to be prudent, saving for the stability of the country? In Brunei, the government is not as smart as Abdullah’s government. Tax collection in Malaysia is done every year where in Brunei, only once. Fuel price hike in Malaysia does not mean that the government will increase the bus and public transports fare because companies in Malaysia already raised the price up to fifty percent. They know Abdullah’s government is sleeping and can do nothing.

Who says price of food and consumer goods will go up? In Malaysia, every time fuel price increases, people are happy because the price of consumer goods will go down. Government never fails to shout, “We would not allow price increase.” Isn’t it great we have such government? Malaysians know nothing about economy. Cannot be only Petronas needs to pay subsidy. Tun Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, Hadi Awang and Lim Kit Siang are clueless about globalised market. That is why we have special advisors at 4th floor and heads of media with MCE grade III education. They would help to tell people to change their lifestyle. Follow the style of Rosmah Mansor. Last time she used to buy things alone. Now, as raised in the Parliament recently, she was going on luxury shopping sprees in oversea and large purchases were transported back home at the expense of the Malaysian embassy in London and national carrier MAS. This should be the smart way of changing your lifestyle.

Is it appropriate for ministers, VIPs, Tan Sri and Datuks in Malaysia to use NGV? Please do not make their life difficult. NGV only suitable for villagers in Jerlun, Ceruk Tok Kun and in Keroh. Well, provided they have NGV petrol pumps there or else just wait for another 10-20 years. Our ministers are serving and working for the people. Fifty years of independence, they turned Malaysia in a mess. That still is some works right? Farmers, fishermen, graduates, villagers and government servants should be prudent. Change your lifestyle. Do not complain. Dream on, trying to do demonstrations. FRU’s water canons and tear gasses are bought specially for the purpose of using it against normal Malaysians. Where in earth you ever see ministers and VIP being sprayed by tear gasses? Show me. Since you choose BN to rule the country, you must follow their advice. Change your lifestyle. “Follow what I say, not what I do. Capisce?

Not to hard to understand yeah? Well, if that is too hard, be like them – apple polisher. Carry mattress here and there. Then can renew contracts for years. Starting July 1st, we shall rejoice with the increase of electric tariff. Sugar price also increase. That is very good. Government is taking care of the people, alleviate them from getting diabetes. High carbohydrate in rice is not good for health. Increase the price of rice. Eat just one spoon of rice. Minister of Health sure happy.

All BN ministers and backbenchers keep quiet on the fuel price hike issue. That shows that they couldn’t care less about their voters’ suffering life. Before election, Najib said fuel price would not increase this year. Too bad. Najib is not a hypocrite, just a little increase which is necessary.In 2004 RM1.37, 2005 RM1.62, 2006 RM1.92 and 2008 only RM2.70. In total, just an increase of RM1.33. Malaysia is rich. Our Prime Minister’s salary is RM60,000.00 a month. Sharizat Jalil’s salary is just RM33,000.00 a month. Malaysians should not protest. There is no need to wait for minimum salary RM900.00 per month. You want a high salary, go become a minister or his advisor. But, you need to be active in AMNO lah. Because BN leaders are chosen by clueless village folks.

As a leader, one should know what to do. Do not be like what Malays say ‘Ketam yang mengajar anaknya berjalan’, that is enough. Last time during Japanese occupation, Malaysians were forced to eat potatoes. Now we are back to what our grand grand mothers and father way of living. Hmm, potatoes at that time do not contain high carbohydrate. Please do not take a peep at ministers’ kitchens. They only eat potatoes, salted fish with salt and soy sauce. We have many lands in villages; use it to cultivate some potatoes. Plant it in vase, on the roof, plant it anywhere. No need to plant rice. We just need to import from Vietnam and Thailand. Our leaders do not eat rice. They always go oversea, so they eat western food or sushi. Empty lands in the cities, we turn it into industrial area.

Our leaders working so hard looking for foreign investors, it is only right we set aside some lands for them. Some say fuel price in Jordan, Venezuela, Mesir and other countries very cheap. I think government in those countries definitely knows shit about managing economy. If you are not happy, go and live there lah! Easy cheesy.. BN government is very smart. Nothing is mentioned about income tax. High income must pay higher tax. Village folks know what? Ministers, Tan Sris, Datuks, and their cronies have a lot of money. They must keep it to help people. Why need to pay income tax? It is so wonderful to be under AMNO and BN government. Like what my Malay teacher told me “Hujan emas di negeri orang, baik lagi hujan C4 di negeri sendiri.”

Wish that I can write something this ORIGINAL in perception and ideas. 🙂


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